The sort of newly updated oh-so-innovative CAST and ABOUT page! Also includes a little preview of some characters I plan to include. I'll add images later.

Ethan Anderton

Ethan was raised in an upper-class family but strangely enough hasn't exactly come to embrace the fact that riches and servants are there at his every beck and call. Perhaps he's too timid for that. Ethan's a top scorer in the school and everyone sadly keeps their distance from him- they're afraid of his brainy presence as well as the fact that he could threaten them with his upper-class heritage. Which makes him a bit lonely.

He's too impressionable for his own good. He also acts too innocent for himself. Perhaps that's his plan to get Cerin's attention. Also note an alarming lack of common sense.

Cerin Thomas

Cerin comes from a family of ditzy (sort of) hippies- at least, they're not normal, anyway. An easygoing, laidback attitude and open demeanour  generally makes him able to hold a conversation with just about everyone. Almost every girl harbours at least a smidgen of hope that he MIGHT just out with her- captain of the football team, good grades, tall and tanned- what more can be said?

He also has the special ability to make Ethan flush whenever they talk.
Or when they're near each other, for that matter.
Tarri Callum

Could win the prize for the 'Most Optimistic and Cheerful Girl' about. Tarri likes to act cute and bubbly; i.e. much less innocent and sinister than she really is. That way, she can pry lots of gossip from people. She's managed to befriend both Ethan and Cerin and wishes they'd GET it TOGETHER, already!

When she's not bouncing around the school manipulating people with her adorableness, she is usually either egging Ethan on or helping Cerin worm his way out of ardent admirers.

Professor Cole Beckham

Is apparently the most popular teacher in the school. This could be because he is tall, handsome and has the most charming violet eyes. Or it could be because he helps out in many school activities, including heading the football team as its coach. He teachers History and TOK, if you know what that is.

From England and from (judging from his suave accent) Sussex.

Carmen Carlotta Melendez Garcia

An ambitious young lady, when she wants something- she won't give the chase up so easily. Her hobbies include making Tarri feel smaller and
more child-like than she already is and hanging on to school idols.
Jolie Garland

A girl with a mysterious upbringing. She doesn't speak when unnecessary and is strangely afraid to socialize with many people. Hmmm...
Kevin Kaarintal

One of Cerin's football mates. He can be quite aggressive and broody, but everyone knows that behind that quiet exterior of his and the earring on his right ear, he really has a heart of gold...
Emily Anderton

Emily only wants the best for her son- she means well, but doesn't quite understand that what she's doing to her son is hurting him- all he wants is a mom that doesn't always care how well he does. She also intensely dislikes the Thomas family; they seem eccentric, crazy, tree-hugging, whatever. She decks herself head-to-toe in designer wear, because she can afford it.
Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte is a cheerful, fun-loving woman who accepts and enjoys everyone's eccentricities...including her son's fancy with...certain people. Mua ha ha!
David Cohen

And now I get to rant about lots of other stuff! What do you want to know about? Well it doesn't matter, because I will tell you~ mua ha ha!

I want to say that the current way it's going is MUCH less romance-based than I would have wished. There's a bit of fluff here and there but it's turned into some weird slapstick comedy. Uh huh. But I don't really mind, I guess.

The comic reads left-to-right; yes! I am breaking the authentic left-to-right format that is used in Japan. But 1) I am not Japanese 2) I can't draw that way. Also note that I won't be putting Japanese words in there because once again 1) I am not Japanese and my Japanese vocabulary is pretty much non-existent and 2) The characters aren't Japanese so...self-explanatory.

The students attend the most prestigious private school in the state- St. Martin's Secondary School. The school is situated in castle-like grounds, with a beautiful garden and greenery. The students are allowed out on weekends and after school, but teachers often keep a sharp eye on them. Boys and girls obviously have their own buildings, with the same years grouped together. There are approximately 6 people in a room; it's very wide and spacious. Posh!

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