Links Galore. These are the few pathetic links I have to stuff I like or people I know, or both. Uh huh. Check them because they are cool.

Linking buddies - scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

Devil's Playground
First Person

Comics I really like and you should read too

Friendly Hostility
Penny and Aggie
Your Wings Are Mine

Art links to friends or people I like

Kay - my sister
Loppy -  a friend
Keii - a friend
Renka - because she's cool
Dina - because she's also cool

Any other links
The Web Comic List

Link to P.S.B.! And I will love you forever =3

If you link me I will love you forever- but unless you emailed me ( I would have absolutely no idea. So if you told me I would love to hear about it. My banners are lame and crappy but I MIGHT make some better ones later...

If you post my link up you can email me to request a link exchange and provided I like your site and is appropriate I'll link back as soon as possible.


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Although it makes life difficult. Also, this is all mine, and I'm Prapim. Therefore these are Prapim's.