This is where the other stuff goes....this includes -

Fan Art! Amazingly enough I have received some and this has made me extremely happy and joyous. Contribute further to my happiness by donating a piece of fan work to P.S.B. at!

Yay! Loppy, one of my friends, drew me this really cute piccie of Tarri! (I just want to eat her up XD) And one of my other friends added in a monkey...thus...Tarri and Monkey.

^_^ Rae has kindly drawn me a nice and happy Cerin. He he...he looks really pleased!

The wonderful Roman W. has drawn a little (extremely cute and funny...I love it!) comic which you should download and print for yourself too! XD He also has his own comic- how cool!

Contact me - Either by email -, signing the guestbook- the link is on the homepage - leaving a comment in the chatterbox - or commenting in my deviantART gallery. Thaaanks! I obsessively read every comment made and appreciate them madly like chocolate milk. *Shakes fist at person who made comment about geese necks* ('s true...eeeek)

What other stuff do you want here? I don't know what else to put here...someone give me some ideas...

Since I'm a vain person- hey, I think I will write a bit about myself!

Name: Prapim
Nationality: Thai
Born: 27 September (hint hint get me a present)
Likes: Chocolate and Drawing and Singing and Watching Movies
Dislikes: Anything that requires too much of an effort to do, because I'm lazy

Favourite Singers or Bands: Keane, The Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Jamie Cullum, Rachael Yamagata, Feeder, Bright Eyes, etc.
Favourite Comics: Detective CONAN, X/1999, Yamada Taro, Legal Drug, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Saiyuki, Courtney Crumrin, Nightmares and Fairy Tales, The Kindaichi Files, bla bla bla
Favourite Movies: Batman Begins, The Fugitive, The Shining, 28 Days Later, Little Nicky, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, um...

So that's it I guess...

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Although it makes life difficult. Also, this is all mine, and I'm Prapim. Therefore these are Prapim's.